Newscaster article published

My article Production, perception, and communicative goals of American newscaster speech with Byron Ahn, Donna Jo Napoli, and ZL Zhou is now available on the Language in Society journal website. You can access a read-only version here.


Faculty Engaged Scholarship grant

I’ve received a Faculty Engaged Scholarship research grant from the Lang Center at Swarthmore, which will fund a quick trip back to Manokwari this July (concurrent with the WLP conference) to connect with Wamesa speakers and create more Talking Dictionaries.

New PacLab @Swarthmore

Announcing my new Pacific Languages & Linguistics Lab at Swarthmore College! The PacLab works on projects related to languages of the Pacific, especially those belonging to the Austronesian family and/or spoken on and around the island of New Guinea. We’re located in Pearson 114, on the Linguistics hallway. Looking forward to big things to come!

ICAL steering committee

At last month’s meeting in Antananarivo, I joined the steering committee of the International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics (ICAL). Most of the conference decisions are made by the local organizers, but I’m happy to pass along suggestions and do what I can to push forward improvements.

Newscaster project @ ETAP

My project with Byron Ahn, Donna Jo Napoli, and ZL Zhou on newscaster prosody was accepted for presentation at Experimental and Theoretical Advances in Prosody 4 at UMass Amherst this October. TL;DR: Newscasters use distinctive prosodic patterns in their broadcast speech, and listeners can tell!