About Me

I completed my BA in Linguistics (with a minor in Medieval Studies) at Swarthmore College in 2007, under Donna Jo Napoli and K. David Harrison. After graduation I moved to New York City to do theater, where I worked in production for the Broadway musical Hairspray, the Manhattan Theatre Club, and Blue Man Group, as a stage manager for various small productions, and just generally had a blast. I started in the linguistics program at Yale in 2009, where I worked under Claire Bowern. I submitted my dissertation, Windesi Wamesa Morphophonology, in July 2014. I’m currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Linguistics department back at Swarthmore. When I’m not knee-deep in Wamesa stress data, Roon wordlists, or Australian phonotactics, I write about cooking at wolfchops.blogspot.com and about my travels at climbingvolcanoes.blogspot.com. In the field I like to scuba dive as much as possible and take photos of the local insects.