From a discussion on computer graphics programming:

pixel (n): blend picture + element, a sample of a 2-dimentional image.

voxel (n): a sample of a 3D visual representation, blend of volume + element.

texel (n): from texture + element, another unit within graphics programming.

surfel (n): surface + element; never really caught on.


So what’s up with that x? It’s part of the component elements of pixel and texel but not voxel. So was voxel formed on analogy with the other two? Pixel was attested first, but the ordering and dating of the other two is unclear. And surfel leaves it out entirely, making it a more transparent blend than voxel. Attempts to extend the pattern and coin new forms (is a garden element a gaxel or a gardel or even a garxel? What about pasta element? Paxel or pastel?) were rejected entirely.


jaggies (n.pl): The jagged edges and other small visual artifacts at the edge of a rendered figure due to problems with or limitations of the underlying math. Seems to be no singular (*jaggy). Derived from jagged.




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