On birbs

From the Ornithology episode of Ologies:

kleptoparasite (n): An animal that steals its food or other materials from others rather than catching/collecting it itself. Examples include hyenas, frigatebirds, and sometimes bald eagles. From klepto-, having to do with theft (Greek), and parasite.

murmuration (n): a phenomenon in which a huge flock of birds, often starlings, moves together in intricate patterns. The behavior of the whole arises from each bird calibrating its path to a small number of neighbors. Totally beautiful.


polygyny (n): The practice of one male mating with multiple females. Contrasts with polyandry, one female to multiple males. poly ‘many’ gyn ‘female’ -y; two bound Greek roots plus a suffix.

lek (v), a lek (n): A mating display by certain kinds of animals, such as birds of paradise or the sage grouse. From the Swedish word lek. Two videos, since it’s so great.



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