from Lincoln (1999) & Masuzawa (2005)

Two eponyms, a word of unknown (Greek) origin and an unnecessary synonym:

ehuhemerism (n): “The method of mythological interpretation which regards myths as traditional accounts of real incidents in human history.

“Euhemerus, a Sicilian (c316 b.c.) was the author of a book called Ἱερὰ Ἀναγραϕή, in which he maintained that the deities of Hellenic mythology were deified men and women, and pretended to cite authentic records of their lives” (OED).

Goropiansm (n): gorpianism.PNG

dithyramb (n): “A Greek choric hymn, originally in honour of Dionysus or Bacchus, vehement and wild in character; a Bacchanalian song; a metrical composition having characteristics similar to this.”

scienticity (n): scientificness, apparently.scienticity.PNG


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