Bug parts

From the Entomology episode of Ologies, discussing insect legs:

  • saltatorial: relating to, marked by, or adapted for leaping (Merriam-Webster). From Latin saltāre ‘to dance’ (OED) (cf Italian saltare ‘to jump’).
  • fossorial: adapted to digging (Merriam-Webster). From Latin fodere ‘to dig‘ (OED).
  • pedipalp: either of the second pair of appendages of various arthropods (such as an arachnid or horseshoe crab) that lie on each side of the mouth and often perform a specialized function (such as grasping or feeling) Note: Pedipalps are typically small and leglike in spiders, and large and pincerlike in scorpions (Merriam-Webster). From Latin pedi– ‘of the feet’ + palpus ‘feeler’ (OED).
Peacock spider pedipalps, by jeans_Photos (Flickr)

And for breathing:

  • spiracle: an external tracheal aperture of a terrestrial arthropod that in an insect is usually one of a series of small apertures located along each side of the thorax and abdomen (Merriam-Webster), aka an insect’s breathing holes. From Latin spīrāre ‘to breathe‘ (OED).

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