‘Tofonkey’ (n)

From the NPR Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! podcast, 12/16/17:

“The Cathedral of Saint Peter in Belleville, Ill., is catching heat for its hipster nativity scene. Gone are beatific Mary and Joseph. Instead we see dad-bod Joe holding his phone out for a Christmas selfie with baby JC, and Mary in a flirty, fun off-the-shoulder top gives the peace sign and holds a Starbucks cup. As you can imagine, people are not happy. And who could blame them? I say it doesn’t go far enough. The wise men are not locally sourced. The myrrh is not conflict-free. The frankincense isn’t gluten-free. And the donkey is an actual donkey. It’s not even a Tofonkey.”

Portmanteau of tofu + donkey, formed on analogy with Tofurkey. Used ironically, but I like it.



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